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A Conversation with True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht Part II

June 8, 2022
First Hour Catherine Engelbrecht sits in from the road with the guys and discusses the #Winning we're seeing on the ground level of America, the communication with the Sheriffs across America, and brings ways for We the People to help clean the voter rolls, in the second hour Jeff and Shannon go over the booms from first hour, Jeff gives us a view of the Ruth Sent Us' crotch stains and exposes Chuck Schumer's direct threat from the podium. Violence was planned against Justice Kavanaugh and foiled. Red Wave Coming.
Now more than ever, Americans are questioning the trustworthiness of the system by which we cast and count our votes. How does this get better? Voters can take action. What can voters do? Let’s start by helping to improve the accuracy of our voter rolls.
Help keep voter rolls Accurate

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